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Here at Fine Print, we continually strive to improve our practices and operate in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

For many years we have achieved FSC and ISO14001 certification and we are now also certified as a Carbon Balanced Printer. Through our support of the World Land Trust, Fine Print are helping to protect and preserve carbon rich habitat around the world.
Contributions to the Carbon Balanced programme are used to protect land from deforestation and degradation, preventing the release of CO2 into the atmosphere while preserving invaluable ecosystems. Protecting existing forest is World Land Trust’s preferred approach for biodiversity conservation. Where appropriate, this technique is supplemented by planting native trees in areas of cleared land. All of WLT’s forest protection and restoration projects have measurable, long-term local community benefits, a positive climate impact and significant biodiversity conservation value.


Key factors in the way we reduce our impact on the environment are as follows:
  • Our modern presses ensure a continual reduction in our year-on-year chemistry usage.
  • Our standard inks at are produced from vegetable based oils, reducing the impact on mineral oil supplies.
  • Water-based coatings on our presses reduce the need for oil-based sealers and laminations.
  • Endorsing sustainable forestry through our paper purchasing policy and compliance with our FSC® Chain-of-Custody certification
  • Fine Print are licensed to collect out-of-date printed items from our customers and return to our factory for recycling in our extensive facility.
  • Using only certified waste and disposal carriers.

Over a twelve-month period, Fine Print have enabled the World Land Trust to protect and restore over 30,000m2 of threatened tropical habitat.


Download a copy of the Fine Print World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Certificate here.
Download a copy of the Fine Print environmental policy here.
Download our ISO14001 certificate here.
Download our FSC C007881 certificate here.
Download our waste carrier registration licence here.