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2022 is waiting for you…

By December 16, 2021Blog, Home

We are pleased to say your Fine Print eco-friendly 2022 desk calendar is ready and waiting for you…

If, like us, having a greener 2022 is on your resolution list then we are here to help. This year you will find no plastic or wire binding, just sustainably sourced FSC® accredited paper and Eco Board. Fully recyclable and environmentally friendly for guilt free, year-long planning!
With digital calendars on your phones and devices many may think the use of a paper calendar is on the way out. However the digital format doesn’t give you that lovely feeling when you turn over the page for the fresh new month. Paper calendars don’t put a strain on your eyes or demand extra screen time with alerts and notifications. They have only one purpose which is to give you a handy space to keep track of what needs to be done now and in the days ahead. So go ahead, grab that pen and cross out the previous day to give you the satisfying feeling of the week moving forward.
We feel our customers enjoy using the Fine Print calendar and of course it leaves the year long reminder that Fine Print is here! If you have yet to receive yours or you would like to place your company’s name on your customers desks  Get in touch today and one of the team will gladly help you out.

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