Bespoke online ordering platform for Salvation Army

By October 12, 2017 October 31st, 2017 Blog, Home

Fine Print have created a bespoke online ordering system for the Salvation Army, enabling regional managers to order point-of-sale (POS) and marketing materials for their charity shops throughout the UK.

This new online platform allows stock items to be ordered, whilst also printing, picking and packing online orders such as posters and flyers that can be personalised to individual charity shop requirements.


Fine Print’s Graphic Display Manager, Simon Thomspon said: “We’ve been printing point-of-sale items for the Salvation Army for a couple of years and so were delighted to be approached to build this online ordering system for them. The benefit of our online storefronts is that it is tailored and branded exactly to our customer’s requirements, it also allows quantities and budgets to be monitored. The Salvation Army’s Regional Managers can now order bespoke or stocked print items through a straightforward web based ordering process. The additional benefit for this specific project is that they can also personalise items, changing words and contact details on posters and flyers, so that they not only fit individual shop spaces, but also include relevant contact details. We then print, pick, pack and dispatch directly to the shops, making it a streamline process for the customer.”


Salvation Army’s Communications Manager said: “I’m really pleased with the site that Fine Print have set up for us. With a network of over 230 shops this is going to make the process of providing marketing materials for them so much easier, allowing the shops to have the materials they specifically need. Simon and James have been great all the way through the process, and Vincent who developed our site has been very helpful and efficient.”


If you’d like to find out more about our online ordering storefronts please speak to your rep or contact us.