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Let Yourself Glow

By February 11, 2020VR

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Featuring a two-part-sleeve design to enclose a village directory, this Chinese New Year campaign uses pink fluorescent inks, bright orange and clear foiling to create a vibrant campaign that highlights the additional savings at participating boutiques.

The warmth and brightness of the orange and pink sleeves are enhanced with the addition of neon pink ink to outline the heart shapes, with clear foiling over the top for a shimmer effect. The white ink text also has clear foiling overlay. In addition the Bicester Village Directory is over-printed with a coniq code.

The vibrant sleeve that holds the village directory is personalised to each village and uses a flood pantone orange inner. With a unique roll fold the Village Directory features neon pink to highlight the participating boutiques.

The stunning, yet practical heart shape aperture coffee stencils are routered on neon pink acrylic to create cut-out heart detailing for use by food and beverage teams.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see how the various pieces come together to create a stylish and celebratory campaign.