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Chock-a-doodle-do, its Easter!

By March 13, 2024Blog, Home
This Easter we are celebrating our innovative packaging skills with these bespoke boxes to house a pair of delicious Cadbury Creme eggs. For extra fun we have hidden 10 ‘Golden Tickets’ in a little card inside for a chance to win an extra-large Cadburys Easter egg.

Presentation plays a crucial role in how a product is perceived. Bespoke boxes can elevate presentation, making the unboxing experience memorable and enjoyable. With our cutting-edge machinery and high-quality materials our bespoke packaging service will evoke a sense of luxury for your products. With our full range of skills and equipment we have the ability to design bespoke one-of-a-kind creations that cannot be replicated with off-the-shelf packaging. Fine print can design prototypes or equally produce prototypes from your own design files. With our digital cutting machines we can prepare individual boxes for you or using the Karma and Heidelberg machines we can cut out hundreds of thousands of boxes.


We hope these boxes will bring a smile to your face.
Why not Get in touch with your Fine Print contact to ensure you receive your box and your chance to obtain a winning ‘Golden Ticket’.

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