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Your schedule at a glance, it has to be ink on paper!

By December 20, 2023Blog, Home
Our Fine Print feathered friends’ desk top calendar comes to you without the distractions you get from digital devices, you have no naughty notifications popping up and no chance of getting side tracked looking at apps when what you really need to be doing is planning your appointments. This year’s offering has a three-month view so you can check on the months before and after the month we are actually in, making things a lot easier to schedule. It has been found that the act of writing down appointments and tasks can enhance memory retention and help you better recall information. Also, it goes without saying that our design department have done an excellent job of providing you with some stunning graphics to brighten up your home office or work place.
We feel our customers enjoy using the Fine Print calendar and of course it leaves a year long reminder that Fine Print is here! If you would like a copy or you are interested in a bespoke calendar for your company Get in touch today and one of the team will gladly help you out.
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