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Carbon Neutral – Our New Normal

By January 24, 2023Blog, Home
Even in this digital age the use of paper remains paramount for many marketing and advertising purposes, with paper packaging a big growth area.  On average the manufacturing process for a tonne of paper releases 616kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this is all the carbon dioxide emitted while the paper is being produced and transported.
The good news is that Fine Print now carbon balance every sheet of paper we print on!
For us using carbon neutral paper is the new normal, which means that you don’t need to worry about your marketing’s carbon footprint. It also means that you may use the Carbon Footprint logo on all your print jobs which enhances your environmental credibility and commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. The logo features a unique code which relates to the original invoice so that the process of carbon offsetting can be fully traceable.
Your Fine Print contact is totally up to date with all of our sustainability practices, so why not get in touch to see how we can improve your marketing materials carbon footprint.

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