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By January 2, 2020March 10th, 2020Blog, Home

Boss it in 2020

Embossing is a great way to bring an extra dimension to your print, immediately providing a classy and elegant look and feel. You’ll find these gorgeous embossed birthday cards in your file copy bags now, a gift from us to you – just to say thank you for choosing Fine Print…

With four funky designs you hopefully won’t have that last minute panic for a birthday card. All feature an element of embossing – essentially raising the print from the paper which gives some depth to the designs.

Embossing can be used by itself or finished with foil for a classy high-end finish. You can also use a debossing technique which gives a finish similar to engraving and depresses the design into the paper.

Each card is packaged in a biodegradable bag made by NATIVIA film, which is a new generation of biodegradable film made from renewable resources. The film is fully compostable according to the EN13432 standard.

Have we inspired you to create your own embossed cards or print?

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