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Transforming Paper into Something Special!

By July 15, 2019July 16th, 2019Blog, Home

File copy Fun… discover the ancient art of Origami

Transforming paper into something special is what we do – and so we thought you may enjoy some paper transformation of your own this summer.

Renowned for its calming effect, our origami file copy gifts include step-by-step photographic instructions to help you create your very own cute little animal. We have trialled them here in the Fine Print office and the majority of the time(!) the end result was pretty impressive.

We’ve created visual step-by-step instructions for three animals which are randomly placed with your file copies, so you just don’t know which one you will get. There’s a beautiful butterfly which is by far the easiest, there’s also a bird which is slightly harder bit still very doable, then the real test of your patience will be the rabbit, which is super cute, just don’t be put off by all the instructions – we’ve simplified it by breaking it down into each crease, it really is worth persevering because the end result is adorable. (See video below)

We’ve love to see your origami masterpieces so do email them to your rep or tag us in on social media. If you find it addictive either order more print 🙂 or ask your rep for another origami animal to try.

We’re sure they’ll be a welcome addition to your office and we look forward to working with you again to transform paper into fantastic print!

We’ve made a short video to help you if you’re struggling with the little bunny rabbit which you may find useful…