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By December 19, 2023January 18th, 2024Blog, Home
Printability, Durability, Texture and Thickness.
All things to consider when choosing the right stock for your print project. Some jobs require a smooth stock to allow for finer detailed images or fine script fonts, others require a more rugged stock to withstand postage or handling. Sometimes the right stock for a particular job is easy to pick, however with the vast array available we thought we would give you a little helping hand.

The primary unit for measuring paper weight is grams per square meter (gsm), although this seemingly straightforward measure introduces nuances when considering the thickness. The relationship between GSM and thickness is influenced by the paper’s surface finish. For instance, an uncoated 300gsm paper typically has a thickness of around 350 microns, whereas a 300gsm silk paper may have a thinner profile at approximately 280 microns. Coated papers, owing to the added weight from the clay coating, exhibit a thinner structure. Moreover, the polishing process that imparts a sheen to coated papers compresses the fibres, contributing to a slight reduction in thickness.

We think the best way to choose your paper is to actually see and feel the different stocks yourself. With this in mind we have produced these handy paper sample swatch books. Here we have showcased uncoated, silk, gloss and recycled paper as well as single and double sided box board, all in a range of weights or gsm. As well as feeling the different weights or thickness’s you can also see at a glance the difference between an image printed on coated and uncoated paper. Always interesting to manage expectations of how vibrant an image may appear when actually printed.

Your Fine Print representative is fully up to date with all the amazing stock we have available and is always on hand to match stock to your requirements. If you would like a copy of our ‘Paper Sample Swatch Book’ do get in touch and we will send one to you.

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