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Recycled and Recyclable, 100% PVC-free display banners means your marketing just got greener…

By September 9, 2021Blog, Home

Increasingly more of our customers are specifying that all their marketing materials are produced using either recycled or recyclable materials and in line with this Fine Print are constantly looking to source more sustainable products. So we are happy to share with you our new 100% PVC-free banner range.

Envirotech® looks and feels like a conventional PVC product though is free from phthalates, which is a group of chemicals used to make plastics more durable also called plasticizers, heavy metals and isocyanate-containing compounds. This ensures chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment are kept out of our eco-system. The material is designed to offer strength and performance equal to traditional PVC material though is around 50% lighter, lowering transportation costs and is fully waterproof, ideal for extended indoor or outdoor use. When you have finished with your banners simply put them in with your other plastic recycling.
Our swissQ flatbed printer will give you the same vibrant and crisp image detail you are used to, though with considerably less environment impact. To help lower your marketing’s carbon footprint ask our graphic display team for a sample for your next banner project.
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