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The art of Fine Print. Die-Cutting.

By August 22, 2019Blog, Home

We are a cut above the rest…

Welcome to the first in our series of The art of Fine Print, our way of sharing and showcasing just some of the fantastic things we can do with print. Perhaps they will inspire you to create something similar, or perhaps they will help your understanding of print. Either way we are delighted to share our passion with you and this first mail-out focuses on die-cutting…

Die-cutting can add cuts. slits, creases, perforations and shapes to printed sheets. It opens up countless possibilities to engage with your audience and create a ‘wow’ factor to your print. Within our mailing you can see we’ve cut out circular shapes as well as a perforated scissor shape and also a zipper perf on the outer envelope. You could shape your entire piece, or have stickers that are heart shaped or any shape you like.
If you’ve received this mailing share the love and display your sticker with pride!

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