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Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Brilliant.

By November 12, 2018January 16th, 2019Blog, Home

Make the most of Fine Print’s transformational printing options with our UV light drying press…

Fine Print’s printing expertise combined with the latest printing technology results in the most brilliant colours you’ll ever see in the printing world on both coated and uncoated papers, as well as a range of substrates including plastics and other non-porous substrates.

Although gloss or silk finishes will also look and feel great, uncoated stocks have steadily gained popularity over the last few years, but for a long time lacked clarity and sharpness of colour as they absorbed so much ink. The advances in printing technology and the introduction of our low energy UV light dry Heidelberg has now transformed the ability to print more vibrant and sharper on uncoated stocks. The images above show coated (left) and uncoated (right) marketing materials, demonstrating the comparable quality that’s achieved with our UV press.
When it comes to uncoated stocks our UV light drying press has a UV curing process which dries the ink instantly, locking in the colour immediately. This combined with Fine Print’s bespoke pre-press workflow results in the sharpest colours, contracts and clarity that the uncoated world has ever seen. If your screen is not doing this justice, or if your printer is not doing your creations justice, contact us for some real-world ink-on-paper amazing examples.
Contact us today to find out how Fine Print can help your print be bold, bright and brilliant.


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